YC: A Tour of Mexico (2 Days)

YC: A Tour of Mexico (2 Days)


July 17th & 18th

Take a little trip south of the border in this interactive two day class with Chef Dan!  A little known fact about Chef Dan is his chef experience in southern California allowed him hands on experience working with authentic Mexican cuisine.  He takes that knowledge and turns these dishes into flavors that will make your taste buds pop! Grab a friend and join us for this two day workshop!

[July 17th] Day 1 Menu:

  • Pico de Gallo

  • Tortilla Soup

  • Beef Fajitas with Handmade Tortilla

  • Chicken & Black Bean Enchiladas

  • Churros with Hot Chocolate Dipping Sauce

[July 18th] Day 2 Menu:

  • Authentic Guacamole

  • Grilled Corn and Chipotle Soup with Avocado and Cotija

  • Huarches with Chorizo, Queso Fresco and Salsa

  • Garlic Shrimp with Mole Verde and Red Rice

  • Mexican Wedding Cookies with Oaxaca Hot Chocolate and Whipped Cream

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