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If you are looking for the best cooking class to go to in Denver, look no further. Not only is it affordable, but it’s great for a group or a couple (I bought a class for my boyfriend and I to take for his birthday), the staff (especially Chef Dan!) could not have been more knowledgeable, welcoming and fun. Everyone has a hand in certain dishes, and they serve wine. You also get to plate the meal to make it a little more special. The guest chef in our class was Adam Vero from TAG’s Mister Tuna, and not only was he a great teacher but incredibly helpful and warm. My favorite part of it was that you felt like you were in a real, homey kitchen while cooking — not a business or a sterile environment. The Seasoned Chef is a hidden gem. It made an excellent birthday gift, especially in lieu of going out to dinner. It would also make a great wedding gift. Can’t wait for another special occasion to go back!
— Francie S
I attended my first cooking class ever just yesterday at a small plates seafood class. I was so impressed! The staff was extremely knowledgable and personable, and kept the night moving with precise efficiency. My class had 12 folks in it so we all were able to try making every part of every dish. All 6 dishes were amazing, and each one was comprised of a number of sub recipes which could be used in many other applications. The shrimp sliders are a good example - they had an amazing batter recipe on the shrimp that could be used on many other foods, plus an onion relish that would be amazing on so many dishes, and a spicy mayo that would go well on any sandwich. To make the sliders we also learned knife skills, deep frying skills, and general kitchen safety skills. There were five other dishes of equal complexity that taught a wide range of techniques. I will definitely be going back and recommend this to anyone!
— Tim C
We took the macaron class with Chef Kelly. We had a lot of fun and learned great techniques! Will definitely be back!
— Kassia D
An incredible learning experience!
— Aarika S.
Such a great time learning some new techniques and meeting fun people!
— George A.
Well organized. Lots of fun. Great food made in the company of good people.
— Christa S
My husband and I attended the Steak class, and loved it! The staff and Chef Dan were very friendly and helpful, and Dan explained everything so well. He made us amateurs seem like professionals! We had lot of fun, I would absolutely recommend The Seasoned Chef!
— Angela M.
Team building for work. We had a blast. Everyone was so nice, fun, and helpful. I can’t believe how good the food was, and that we actually made it. I plan on bringing my husband back for one of their date nights.
— Erica M.
Really fun team building event. I had so much fun and the chef and staff were fantastic. We made some fun recipes and the food tasted great. I learned a lot and it was a great experience. I recommend it!
— Jennifer H.
My wife and I had the best time this evening. It was educational, loose and fun, and above all...absolutely delicious!!! I highly recommend anyone taking a class or doing a date night here. Chef Dan was so knowledgeable and witty as well. He made this experience worth it ten fold.We will definitely return for another amazing, educationally delicious adventure.
— Miguel C.
We had our Christmas party there and had such a good time! I would recommend it to anyone from novice to experienced. Fun time :)
— Beryl R.
Chef Dan never ceases to amaze us with the way he makes it so easy for us to eat healthy. Thanks so much for our recent class.
— Steven C
What a blast! Went there for a work function and the team created such a wonderful atmosphere! Will definitely go back on my own!
— Kasi G.
Attended classes over a 4 year period. Highly recommend it.
— Joseph P.
Thanks, chef Jared we had a fun day, and I learned a few things, thanks again!
— Marguerite R.
So very much enjoyed today’s “mother sauce” class. Thanks Chef Dan!!
— Lori G.
My son and niece have attended two of their kids cooking classes and had a blast. They not only learned but said the instructors were fun. Way more affordable than other local cooking school options even if the location is somewhat unusual.
— Cari B.
Best class I’ve ever taken! Awesome instructor & great food!! Everyone there was supercool and helpful! Must go!!!
— Bobby H.
I’ve been to this cooking school A LOT! I would highly recommend them...not only to learn how to cook (which you will) but also just for fun. I bring my kids here with me and they learn all of the simple, delicious techniques as well. We have gone back time after time and then we use the recipes at home and they become our favorites. Give them a try! You will have a great time and enjoy the experience.
— Emily K.
Did a cooking competition here with my company. IT was a blast! Everyone was very helpful and made the experience a ton of fun. We even went over on time and they were very accommodating. Would definitely recommend for a team building event, family bonding or even a bachelorette party!
— Deanna B.
I returned for the Pressure Cooker class and it was as fun and educational as my first classes in my previous review!
The menu included:
- Lamb Osso Busco
- Korean Short Ribs
- Quick Chicken Stock
- Wild Mushroom and Truffle Risotto
- Three Bean Soup
- Pumpkin and Ginger Cheesecake
The Korean short ribs were the most tender and best tasting short ribs I’ve ever tasted in my life! The owner/instructor, Chef Dan, was SUPER knowledgeable and gave great tips to apply at home. I’ll definitely be back!
— Aisha R.
Enjoyed our class on French cooking there. Having spent 10 years in Las Vegas working in restaurants, have been around a few kitchens. The guest teacher was wonderful and Dan is highly knowledgeable. The class had a good combination of information, learning new skills, while still keeping it fun & light. Will definitely return.
— Paul R.
I came here with a group organized by my friend/ realtor for a ladies’ night out. It was a little confusing because the kitchen is in an office building behind a shopping center without outside marking. However, once inside, the atmosphere is very culinary class friendly. All the equipment is top of the line KitchenAid, All Clad, Le Creuset, etc. The mirror above the kitchen counter is perfectly tilted to allow viewing from the seating. The chef was great — funny, knowledgable and helpful.

Our menu was picked out by our hostess and delicious. It was a nice opportunity to meet people, have fun and eat some delicious food.
— Samantha L.