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Cooking Classes

enhance your cooking skills! you’ve come to the right place! The Seasoned Chef cooking classes will show you what to cook and how to cook it!


Once you’ve booked your class, what can you expect when you get here?

On arrival, you’ll be greeted with your own recipe packet to browse through, while you enjoy a light snack before class. All cooking schools work slightly differently and here we operate on the prep and demo format. You will sign yourself up for one or more of the dishes from the evening’s menu, and this will be the item that you will personally work on during the class, with the entire group collectively experiencing cooking the entire meal at the same time.

The instructor will give an introductory lecture, followed by a safety session and a knife skills demo. And then you’re off! Jodie and her team of assistants will have gathered all the ingredients on your station, but you will be the one measuring and weighing, just like in your own kitchen, and under the chef’s guidance, you will be making your dish from start to finish. Our assistants are on hand during the entire evening, and you’ll be delighted to see them not only answering any questions you may have, but whisking away all the dirty dishes as you work! Throughout the evening, the chef will gather the group together multiple times for various ‘teachable moments’, where he/she will instruct on necessary techniques and preparations that go into the successful completion of each dish.

Our classes are very informal, with questions and comments actively welcomed and encouraged throughout the evening. And it’s not unheard of for spontaneous dishes to appear if it takes the chef’s fancy! We have a maximum class size of between 12-18, depending on the theme, with classes generally lasting 3 hours.

When everything is cooked, the entire menu is served family-style, with students dining together, and complimentary wine available. We don’t mind if you linger over your meal until you are ready to leave (you won’t outstay your welcome) with the chef always on hand to answer any questions that you may have – culinary or otherwise! Then it’s home to put into practice what you’ve learnt…