NEWS (Colorado Biz Article): Incorporating a Quality Diet Into A Busy Lifestyle

When Dan Witherspoon was diagnosed in 2016 with multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer that adversely affects plasma cells in the bone marrow, he immediately changed his diet to one of only fresh, whole foods. His healing plan also included excellent medical treatment and continuing his transcendental meditation practice and 17-years-long martial arts training.

Today his cancer is in full remission.

The 63-year-old owner, director, and lead instructor of Denver's The Seasoned Chef Cooking School, however, took his healing approach one step further: He applied his more than 40 years of professional cooking and teaching experience to writing. The 157-page cookbook showcases a sizeable part of the The Seasoned Chef Cooking School's recipe library and serves as proof that anyone can cook and eat wellboth at home and on the runevery day of the week.

"I began to write ‘Mix Match Make Take’ because of the cancer diagnosis," Chef Witherspoon says. "It was originally meant to be a pamphlet, but it quickly morphed into a full-blown cookbook, incorporating all my years of accumulated culinary training and teaching.”             

Prior to running and owning The Seasoned Chef, Witherspoon studied and apprenticed under celebrated Belgian chef Henri Bergmans and led kitchens as an executive chef in both Southern California and Colorado. Founded 25 years ago, The Seasoned Chef Cooking School initially provided cooking demonstrations, but is now a full, hands-on classroom. 

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Jodie Leschuk