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There’s no better place for a team activity than the kitchen!

Culinary team building encourages better communication amongst staff, improves working relationships, evaluates your group’s strengths and rewards accomplishments and quality staff with a unique outing..…plus it’s fun!

Our customized corporate events are approximately 3.5 hours in duration from the time your team arrives until they depart – motivated, satisfied and full of fabulous food! It’s an excellent way to spend quality time together outside of the office, with the simple act of cooking together creating a wonderful way to bond. Prior to the event, we will work individually with each client to determine specific goals and needs, with Chef Dan giving each client his personal attention. Our themed menus are specially designed to create complete interaction, and to give participants an opportunity to directly experience how they contribute to the group as a whole. (All Step Up Menu items are available for an additional cost per item. Prices available on request)


Our private cooking events offer a unique alternative from the usual dinner in a restaurant, and make for a truly memorable party, adding something different to your next birthday, bridal shower, anniversary celebration or client appreciation! If you are interested in hosting your own cooking event, we’ll help you plan each step, customizing the menu and style to suit your tastes and interests as you add a fun twist to your next get-together. Our professional chef instructors have a down-to-earth, relaxed teaching method that makes cooking easy and entertaining, regardless of your level of skill in the kitchen.

Cooking Class Workshops
Our three-hour hands-on workshops are interactive, informative and technique-oriented. You choose your menu ahead of time, and the entire party is involved in the cooking, with full instruction and assistance. After the food is prepared by the group, you’ll all get to relax and dine on all the dishes that you have made together.

Cooking Competitions
We’ll plan your very own Iron Chef party, where we unveil the Mystery Ingredients on arrival, and it’s then up to each team to create their own winning dishes. You’ll have help and advice from our professional chef and use of our fully-stocked pantry, before your plated dishes will be judged by an independent panel and the winning team duly crowned. It’s a night full of laughs and good food for all, so may the best team win!

Culinary Parties
Culinary Parties combine the best of both worlds. We do most of the work, and arrive with most of the prep and mise en place done, allowing you and your guests to be fully active in the final preparation of the menu. These events combine an element of education with fun and entertainment, to pair nicely with your dining experience.

Cooking Demonstrations
Our two-hour demonstration classes are relaxed and informative as our instructors take you through a menu that you help design. Each guest will receive a complete recipe booklet and get to enjoy each course as it is prepared by our chef.