Two people can make good food three times faster than one person! The food revolution should not just be about eating fresh food together but also about cooking fresh food together. Why? Because the shared experience is as rewarding as the food itself.

It’s not that difficult to find people to cook with. Before I began my culinary career, my friends and neighbors would get together almost every night and take turns cooking with and for each other. We inspired each other to make better and better food. And we always had a blast doing so.

If you have kids, get them in the kitchen. Get their friends in the kitchen. Get your spouse or partner in the kitchen. Call your neighbors. Eating together at dinner should no longer be enough. Cook together as well. Learn something new from someone else. A few fundamental skills is all it takes. If you’re cooking together, you are not only drawing on everyone’s effort but you are also drawing on and sharing each other’s culinary knowledge. You’re teaching and learning at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved as now the responsibility of cooking is no longer on one person. And a few minutes of last minute planning is all it takes.

  • Share the skills you know and learn the skills you don’t.

  • Until they come up with the replicator from Star Trek, we are going to have to make our own food. Make it count.

  • Understand that a recipe is just an opinion; not a contract.

  • Stopping at the store for just a few items on your way home is no big deal.

  • Cleaning up is a breeze with everyone pitching in.

Make your next informal dinner party a cooking party. Call your friends, gather together some staples from each of your pantries and refrigerators and meet up in the kitchen. Why not do it tonight?

Old Idea: “You cook; I’ll clean.” New Idea: “I’ll start the chicken; you start the veggies.”

Old Idea: “Dinner will be ready when you get home.” New Idea: “We’ll start cooking together when you get home.”

Old Idea: “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” New Idea: “The more cooks, the more fun!”