Whenever I cook in front of people, they always ask, “Why do you always pull out that big chef knife for just cutting up a few vegetables?” My response is that properly used, a large, good quality French chef knife is far safer and faster than a paring knife or steak knife for ALL chopping.

Throughout my years of teaching cooking classes, I am always amazed how many good cooks lack this fundamental skill. The next time you are going to prepare a meal, look at the basic relationship between the cutting board, the knife and your hands. Are you holding the knife correctly? Is your other hand in a safe position? Do you have good control of the items you are preparing? Is your cutting board placed properly? Is your workspace messy and cluttered or organized and clean? Can you work like those chefs on tv?

If you answered in the negative to any of these questions, you should consider taking a Knife Skills Workshop. One 2½ hour session plus a little practice, will have you cutting and chopping like a pro in no time.