In 2005, The Seasoned Chef Cooking School inaugurated its most important culinary techniques class: Basic Skills Every Cook Should Know. Its enormous popularity has obliged the school to host this class every month since 2006, and sometimes twice-monthly, depending upon demand. Since then, over 1500 students have taken this class and the regular feedback we receive from our students, dramatic and similarly phrased, is consistent: “I can’t believe how much I have learned in just two days!” and “It’s changed not only the way that I cook but the way that I think about cooking!”

This fall and winter session, TSC is delighted to offer a wider variety of vital two-day workshops to our class calendar and into your culinary repertoire. Broaden your spectrum of knowledge with:

  • Artisan Bread Techniques

  • The Art and Science of Baking

  • Classic Northern Italian Cuisine

  • Pickles, Preserves and Pro-Biotics

  • Restaurant-Level Master Sauces: Italian & Asian

  • The Techniques of Authentic Mexican Cuisine

  • The Techniques of Braising


Why is a two-day workshop so much more important than a one-day, you may ask? It sounds trite but you simply gain more than three times the knowledge in two days than you would receive in one day. The second day of the workshop reinforces and builds upon what was learned in day one, enabling the student to establish continuity, become more efficient, and develop a better flow in the kitchen. It also allows the instructor to delve far more deeply into the class material.

For example:

  • Some breads are better “started” the day before they are baked.

  • Baking is easier when your diverse components are cooked, cooled and ready to assemble the next day.

  • Pickling preserves is easier to understand as an ongoing process rather than a long, drawn out, one-day event.

  • Braising is a long, slow process that gets high quality results out of inexpensive ingredients when the time is taken to do it properly.

  • Learning the “concept” of sauce-making, rather than just learning the recipes, will allow you to create your own style and produce far more exciting meals.

  • And when it comes to ethnic cuisines, America’s two most popular global food styles are Italian and Mexican. While each ethnicity can be a lifetime exploration, a multi-day introduction is the launch-pad to understanding these basic food styles.

Don’t pass up these indispensable educational opportunities to expand your cooking knowledge. If you have missed one of these workshops, though, they’ll be back on the calendar next session.

Bon Appetit!

Chef Dan