The Seasoned Chef Cooking School welcomes you to our summer calendar where we are Cooking Fresh and Eating Fresh! All summer long.

This season, we are concentrating on the best our region has to offer: the best new chefs, the freshest produce, the hottest markets and the latest trends. It’s time to take advantage of the summer’s bounty and it’s our job to make you comfortable, confident and empowered in the kitchen or at the grill.

In addition to our regular fare, we are placing special emphasis on fish and seafood. This is a vital part of our diet and a perennial favorite for summer entertaining; however it’s a product far too many people are intimidated by and find difficult to prepare properly. We are placing this staple firmly in the center of our plate by gathering some of the most expert chefs in the area to share their favorite tips, techniques and recipes for you to perfect at home.

Cooking Fresh starts with basic techniques, the foundation of our school, and In order to offer you more opportunities to benefit from our time-honored Basic Skills class, we are adding new week day times for your convenience in addition to our evening classes, and we are welcoming the Young Chef to 2- and 3- day culinary camps and workshops.

We are delighted to debut executive chefs from Table 6 and Humboldt; exciting additions to our Denver’s / Boulder’s Best Chefs Series and to welcome back many of our favorite restaurant chefs this season.

From our foundational techniques classes to regional and international fare, and everything in between, we have a diverse calendar of classes for you! Come cook with us!