Press Release: The Seasoned Chef Cooking School Adds New Mix Match Make Take Cookbook Class to Its July Calendar

The Seasoned Chef Cooking School Adds New Mix Match Make Take Cookbook Class to Its July Calendar

Sign up now for an immersive, hands-on cooking class showcasing the recipes from Chef Dan Witherspoon's innovative new cookbook.

DENVER, CO - Fresh off the release of Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People, a new cookbook from Chef Daniel Witherspoon, lead instructor of The Seasoned Chef Cooking School, comes Mix Match Make Take: Make Hot, Take Hot, Chef Witherspoon's latest cooking class celebrating a selection of recipes from his cookbook.

The interactive cooking class, taught by Chef Witherspoon and scheduled for Wednesday, July 24 from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at The Seasoned Chef Cooking School, will take recreational home cooks on a culinary journey through some of Chef Witherspoon's favorite Mix Match Make Take recipes. "We'll show attendees how to get the most out of the new cookbook, a concept that favors delicious, wholesome and travel-friendly food. This incorporates various mix-and-match recipes that showcase how you can cook just once and use the 'overstock' - my word for leftovers - to create completely different dishes for the rest of the week," says Chef Witherspoon.

Mix Match Make Take is a 157-page book of easy-to-master recipes, showcasing more than 100 diverse menu components that include proteins, vegetables, foundations and flavors. Beautiful photographs from local food photographer Jennifer Olson, grace the pages, making the dishes come alive.

Mix Match Make Take was written after Chef Witherspoon was diagnosed in 2016 with multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer. "I wrote Mix Match Make Take after my cancer diagnosis because I knew that my diet was one of the few things that I could control, and the recipes supported my healing," says Chef Witherspoon who shares the story of his cancer battle - and how he beat it - with class participants.

Attendees will also receive a signed copy of Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People, and participants are asked to bring their own Tupperware containers to the class. "Everyone will go home with overstock," says Chef Witherspoon.

Here are the five dishes that participants will make, eat and take home:

  • Spicy Bison Meatballs with Tomato Pepper Piperade and Squash Noodles

  • Grilled Flatiron Steak with Wild Mushroom Salsa, Cauliflower Risotto and Sautéed New Potatoes

  • Chili Rubbed Breast of Chicken with Black Bean Relish and Creamy Polenta

  • Italian Sausage, Braised Fennel, Peppers and Roma Tomatoes with Hominy Grits

  • Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry with Steamed Rice, Turmeric Ginger Curry and Tamari

The class is $100 per person and participants can register here: Mix Match Make Take Cooking Class: Make Hot Take Hot.

About the book

Written by award-winning professional chef Dan Witherspoon, MMMT is an innovative meal prep cookbook packed with tips and techniques that demystify cooking and include more than 100 healthy, fresh, foolproof and flavorful recipes designed for recreational cooks with active lifestyles. Based on the premise that one cooking session results in multiple meals by simply interchanging a few ingredients, MMMT's "cook once, eat twice" approach is the next trendsetter in the cookbook market.

By Daniel J. Witherspoon
Chef Daniel Witherspoon, author of MMMT
157 pages
ISBN: 978-1-943650-81-1

More about Chef Daniel Witherspoon

Chef Daniel Witherspoon is the director and executive chef of The Witherspoon Group, Inc., the parent company of The Seasoned Chef Cooking School. For more than 40 years, chef Witherspoon, who trained under Belgian chef Henri Bergman, has created delicious versions of the classics, making him one of Denver's more respected culinary instructors for recreational cooks. Classically trained in the Western European tradition, chef Witherspoon brings a down-to-earth teaching style to his students. He enjoys incorporating Pacific Rim, Southwestern, Northern Italian, French and contemporary American cuisines and themes into his cooking and entertaining repertoire. Chef Witherspoon has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and is a frequent guest on local television shows, where he shares his recipes, cooking tips and techniques.

For more information about Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People, or to receive a review copy, please contact Cathie Beck: 303.241.0805 or

Mix Match Make Take: High Energy Food for High Energy People is available for $29.95 on The Seasoned Chef Cooking School website, at Tattered Cover Bookstorelocations and on Amazon.

Amazon testimonials:

"This book is incredible. I have wanted to improve my cooking skills for years, but never had the time or money for a class. Cooking with this book is like cooking with a good friend who knows what they're doing. The recipes and cooking techniques are so easy to follow that I will be eating healthier!!!"

"Simple and straightforward approach to cooking for the person who is interested in eating well yet does not have the time or patience to become chef extraordinaire. This is a very good book! Thanks Dan for taking the time to write and compile this book, making it so easy that even I can make something amazingly good and healthy."

"I love this cookbook. ANYBODY could use these recipes and make delicious gourmet meals for a week. This is so simple to use and is laid out well for someone who isn't very experienced in a kitchen."

"A great cookbook that makes it easy to cook real, healthful meals which build in beautiful meals to take on the go the next day. These aren't your ordinary leftovers! Great tips and tricks make it perfect for new and beginning cooks."

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