Julie Magnussen

Health Coach and Plant-Based Chef

Julie Magnussen, aka Healthy Julie, is a passionate and inspirational health coach and plant-based chef. Julie’s philosophy is to use whole, unprocessed and authentic ingredients, and instruct on living a full and happy life, fully of vibrant and positive energy! A native of Virginia, Julie now makes Denver her home, fully embracing our beautiful Colorado lifestyle, and delights in sharing her vast knowledge, passion and expertise through her business, promoting a happy and healthy way of life for all. As the founder and owner of Healthy Julie, LLC, she teaches private and public cooking classes and runs a specialized 3-month program geared to finding your most vibrant life through the powers of plant-based cooking methods. Julie executes a weekly cooking segment on Colorado’s Everyday Morning Show and her work has been featured with Whole Foods Market, Shape Magazine, and Huffington Post UK.