Ian Kleinman

Executive Chef/Owner Ian Kleinman
The Inventing Room

Kitchen Magician, Chef Ian Kleinman, is a Colorado native who has been cooking in some of the state’s most beloved restaurants since he was a boy. The critically acclaimed chef and member of the Colorado Institute Hall of Fame, Chef Kleinman’s love of food and whimsy has led to him becoming a leader in the Colorado molecular gastronomy field and to three invitations to cook at the James Beard House in New York. He is currently one of the Denver FIVE. In 2009, Chef Kleinman developed The Inventing Room, a mobile catering company focused on food as entertainment and his pop-up molecular doughnut shops have become an underground sensation. Ian comes from a long culinary family lineage and has always believed that food should be fun. About 8 years ago, he had an introduction to the unique cuisine style of Chicago’s Alinea, the most famous restaurant leading the molecular gastronomy charge in the U.S. It piqued Chef Kleinman’s interest enough to gather some cash and begin tinkering in the science-meets-cuisine realm. Soon thereafter, he emerged, excited and producing food, with a Cirque du Soleil-type verve.

Delphic Creative2, Ian Kleinman