Dan Witherspoon

Director/Executive Chef Dan Witherspoon

Chef Dan Witherspoon is the Director and Executive Chef of The Witherspoon Group, Inc., the parent company of The Gourmet Spoon and The Seasoned Chef Cooking School. He is one of Denver’s premier culinary instructors for recreational cooks. For over 30 years, Chef Dan has devised delicious versions of the classics. Working his way up from Apprenticeship under celebrated Belgian Chef, Henri Bergmans, to executive chef positions in Southern California and the Denver area, Chef Dan has achieved extraordinarily well-rounded culinary skills. Classically trained in the Western European tradition, he brings an extremely down to earth teaching style to his students of all levels of culinary expertise. Chef Dan enjoys incorporating Pacific Rim, Southwestern, Northern Italian, French and contemporary Americana cuisines and themes into his cooking and entertaining. Dan’s passion is to be working with great food, surrounded by people who are enjoying the experience.