Pacific Rim Seafood Workshop

Pacific Rim Seafood Workshop


What happens when East, West, North and South all converge on seafood?  Why Pacific Rim seafood, of course!  Chef Dan presents a menu boasting of sweet and savory along with spicy seasonings and rich umami!  These courses are designed to wake up your palates and bring the flavors of Hawaii and Eastern Asia to your table.  Dinner will be served with sake and Japanese beer.

Menu Includes:

  • Shrimp and Melon Cocktail with Thai Vinaigrette

  • Coconut Crab Dip with Taro Chips

  • Hot and Sour Mussel Soup

  • Baked Red Snapper on Sauteed Napa Cabbage with Red Curry Sauce

  • Espresso Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Cabernet Sauce

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